Should I whiten my teeth?

May 28 • 3 minute read

  We currently offer three different options for whiter teeth in our Boulder dental office: single-use boost, at-home trays, and in-office bleaching.  

  We will clean your teeth, prepare them for the whitening procedure and apply an effective whitening gel to your teeth in successive 20-minute rounds.  The whole process takes about an hour, start to finish.  This is a great way to see big changes in your smile! 

 However, people with very gray teeth and teeth that are already very white often may not see drastic results with these products.  Talk to Dr. Friedman about your options and your goals 

Whether or not you have tried whitening in the past, you may be afraid due to tooth sensitivity.  We have effective methods for combating that discomfort, which will allow even the most sensitive patients to have the smile they really want


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